Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yahoo for Rain!

Well it finally rained here in Ropesville. Yesterday Joel and I drove to New Mexico to see his parents and let them get their Molly fix. On the way there we say the aftermath of the fires there from last Sunday (over 90,000 acres by the Texas border to McDonald, NM). Joel's dad works for the electric co. there and told us some terrible story that happened because of the fire. My heart really goes out to those that were affected. We started to discuss what we would try to save if we knew our house was about to burn. It was a tough question to answer. Needless to say, hallelujah for the rain!
Spring break is quickly coming to an end. It has been so great to have Joel at home. It was one of those weeks that not much went on, but was so great because of it. Next week Molly and I are flying to Houston for a few days. I have a jewelry show and Travis and Mandi have a couples shower on Saturday. I can’t believe that my little brother is about to be married. I am so excited for them; they are quite a neat pair.
For about a week now, Molly has been crawling. She is really starting to move, but she is also really getting a good bruise count on her legs and forehead. She is really tough.
Anyway, that is pretty much all for now. Not too much going on, but that is the way I like it!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Plans Change, Roll with it!

Yesterday I went to Ladies Bible Class and dropped Molly off at Tuesdays for Tots (all usual routine stuff). After class I went to get Molly so that we could go run some errands. When I got there, she was not in the clothes that I brought her in and man did she smell sour. Apparently she spit up her breakfast yogurt that smells good going down, but not so good coming up. Well now I have a stinky baby in just a shirt and diaper. I usually would not have let this slow me down, but it was a little windy and the new shirt was really starting to get wet. Molly has about 2 or 3 teeth wanting to come through, which in turn leads to drooling. Did I mention that I didn't get to bed till about 12:30 am, Molly and I got up once about 3 am (not really sure of the time, it is a little blurry), and she decided to start our day at 6 am. I am one of those eight hours of sleep kind of girls. I am married to a man that can run on fumes for days, but not me.
Well, at this time, I have thoughts piling up in my head, I'm tired, Molly is under-dressed and wet and the long list of things that I wanted to accomplish quickly started to fade from my memory. So, Molly and I drove home right at noon, which is when Joel comes home for lunch. So, honestly it was kind of nice to see Joel at lunchtime instead of checking things off of my errand list.
God must have seen my exhaustion because about 1pm, Molly fell asleep and stayed that way until about 3:45. Hopefully you see where I am going with this; I too got a long nap. Oh happy day!