Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My little 2 Year Old

Molly turned 2 on June 28th. I am a little late posting this news, but here it is. We had a carnival birthday party for her and it was so much fun. We has a few different booths and tickets to win at each. At the end of the party the kids to turn their tickets in for prizes.
Her Paw Paw made her a kitchen for her room and is loving it so much. We have her in her big girl room in her big girl bed (a queen size bed), she looks so small.
The closer I get to my due date I do so much reflecting on how much Molly has grown and I am so amazed at her. She is doing so great with potty training and this makes me and her daddy very happy. Less diapers to buy come September.
Yesterday my in-laws came for the day to babysit Molly while Joel and I went on our first date in months and months. We went to watch Bourne Ultimatum and ate at Chili's. It was wonderful. I haven't been to the movies since Christmas. And before kids Joel and I went to the movies all the time (it was our thing). We really had a blast. We rarely have a babysitter for Molly so when Gramma gave such a great report on Molly I was very pleased. You just never know how your child will act when you are not around. It was a relief that she used her manners for someone else.
I have been trying to get Troy's room ready. I sewed most of last week doing curtains, a bed skirt and some pillows. My sewing branched into other rooms of the house (pillows for my room and kitchen stuff for Molly). I guess I feel good about what I accomplished considering the mess I made.
My garden has had quite the harvest. We have been eating lots of squash, zucchini and cucumbers. The tomatoes are all turning red now and we are loving it. My favorite thing that I started this summer was my zinnia flower bed. I have had 3-4 vases of cut flowers every week. Molly loves to pick flowers with me. It is so fun.

The plan is for Troy to be induced on Sept. 6th so, less than a month now. I am excited, but not really in a hurry to rush to the hospital. I am feeling pretty good. My friend that lives literally less than a block away is letting us use their pool as much as we want. I told her today that she can count on us being there at 1pm everyday this week. Molly is so cute with her suit and floaties on.
This has been a great summer. Molly has kept me on my toes, but I wouldn't expect much else from her.