Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I have no excuse...

I have just put this on the back burner these past few weeks. Molly is keeping me busy that is for sure. She is very fast and a little too smart for her britches. She has been going through this "throw everything off her highchair" phase. I repeatedly say, "Molly, no!" or "Stop!" Anyway, she thinks that it is funny when I am looking to wave her arm back and forth above her food like she is pretending to throw her food off either side of her tray or she will hold a piece of food over the side of her tray until I am looking and then slowly bring the food to her mouth. I can guarantee she gets that from her dad. All in all she is so much fun. She is really saying all her animal noises and saying "thank you" without being prompted when I give her a drink or food. She loves to dance, especially when we are in the car and she is trying not to fall asleep (that's my little head-banger).
Joel's school year is starting out great. He is a little bit exhausted from staying up late working on class stuff and he is also having trouble adjusting from his summer hours to his school hours. I try to make him get more sleep, but that is like talking to a brick wall sometimes.
Next week I am going to my folks for the whole week. I am excited about that. Not too much planned, I am thinking about antique shopping one day and Molly's Nonie wants to go to the zoo. I really think Molly will love that. There is a little train we can ride while we are there.
I am also interested to see my parents' barn because there was a storm last week that blew the roof off of it and really flooded the hay-loft apartment and more. Thank goodness for insurance.
That is all I have now. Talk to you soon.