Thursday, August 28, 2008

August has come and gone...too fast!

At the beginning of August we went to visit family. We went to my parents for almost a week and during that time we crammed in as much stuff as we could. My brother-in-law flew my sister, Joel and me to Galveston for the evening and we all went to eat and walked the strand. My mom kept the kids it was great. It was so much fun.

Growing up I always wanted a battery powered car, but I never got one, but as you can see my parents have one for the grandkids to use. Molly was hesitant at first to drive the 4 wheeler, but quickly grew to love it.

We also celebrated my brother's little boy, Colten's 1st birthday while we were there. Joel and Troy are posing during the party.

We also took Troy swimming in a big pool for the first time. He thought it was so great. The picture is my mom holding my sister's little girl, Kayla and Troy.

Another great August happening is we stopped by a truck in town and had over 100 green chili's roasted. Joel absolutely loved this. It took a couple of hours to get them ready for the freezer, but Joel was so happy the entire time. That New Mexico boy is so funny about his green chilis.

And last but not least Molly and Joel ate watermelon in the backyard earlier this week and had a blast. Molly learned to spit the seeds like a pro.

All's well here atThompson Central. Joel's school year started this week and we are missing him around the house, but the sound of, "Daddy's home!!!" does my heart good.