Saturday, April 05, 2008

March Recap

March was a good month. Here are some of the things that happened:

1. Joel turned 33. We made him a three layer peanut butter cookie cake, created a table golf game (in which he managed to get a hole-in-one on his first attempt). He tried the rest of the evening to repeat his first attempt at flip golf and was unable to get that hole in one again.

2. Spring Break. Molly and I managed to create a piñata while Troy slept throughout the week. It was fun and messy. We were able to do a few things as a family, but it was pretty much a low key week.

3. At my parents Molly played dress up and let my mom and I catch a few poses.

4. Troy loves to bounce in his Johnny Jump Up. It will entertain him for long spells which let me get a few things done during the day.

5. I stayed in the car one Sunday while Joel ran some errands in the big town. What better time to snap some pics with the boy!

6. When I straighten up Troy’s room, the kids think that hanging out in the bed together is a blast.

7. Aren’t they the cutest!

8. This is me and by sibs, Travis & Christy

9. The boy loves his Cheerios. His 7 teeth can attest to that.

10. The kids opened their Easter baskets at Nonie and Pawpaw’s house. I left the Sat. before at 4 in the morning by myself and headed east with the kids. I actually like the early morning trip. I won't be surprised it I do that again.

11. On Easter, we hung the piñata from a tree in the backyard.

12. Me and the kids Easter morning.

13. Molly and her Pawpaw cracked the egg open. It took a little more Pawpaw power to crack it open. I think the egg piñata will have to be an Easter tradition. It was a lot of fun.

14. My sister, brother-in-law and I took the kids into the bluebonnets. Not trampling the flowers was a challenge, but we got a few cute pics.

15. Troy loves his bath at Nonie’s house.

16. Molly is very determined in her egg hunting technique. My niece that is 11 months was trampled by Mo a few times. Look out Molly, next year Kayla will seek revenge.

17. Sweet Kayla – 11 months old

18. Molly – 2 ½ years old

19. Troy – 6 ½ months old