Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Moving Moments

Well, Molly had fun with Mommy's hat. And since she had the hat, I had to add the boots. I guess she is getting ready to ride horses at Nonie & Papa's house. We should be moved to Whiteface by this weekend. I can't believe we have so much stuff. We made a run yesterday to unpack some boxes so we could refill the boxes. Lots of fun! I think we unpacked 16 boxes, I have almost filled those up again.
Saturday I had a bit of a breakdown. We had wall to wall boxes, the house was a reck, and Joel may have been a little bit scared of what I might do if the situation didn't change. He promised me that if I would smile more he would take 20 boxes to the tool shed in Whiteface. So I agreed and I now smile more.
Not much to say, but we have been moving and packing!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Trip to Albuquerque

On Memorial Day, we headed to New Mexico. Joel's brother and his family were making the trip too, so we thought it would just be more fun all together. We met at Joel's parent’s house in Tatum and started the caravan to Portales where Joel's dad's parents live. We had lunch and saw cousins and took family pictures. That afternoon we went on our way to Albuquerque and spent a few days with Joel's mom's parents, Nana and Dad Bill. The entire trip was so great. We turned the sprinkler on in the backyard and Molly experienced that for the first time. We also went to the zoo. Nana and Dad Bill are both 84 and they are just amazing; they went to the zoo and just kept up with our own little zoo. The trip was great.
When we got back home we have just kept going. Joel is now going to be working in Whiteface CISD which is about 45 minutes from Lubbock. Not too bad, Levelland is only 10 minutes from Whiteface which has a Wal-mart and United. This is a shorter trip that from Ropes to Lubbock for shopping. We are planning on still going to Green Lawn for church. We will see how it goes. We will be moving in about two weeks. I'm excited about that, but more excited about Joel having a little bit better schedule. He is going to be helping on the girls' side of sports and no football! He also only had two class preps. Whiteface has great people. The principal and superintendent used to be in Ropes till about four years ago. They are good Christian men. Well there is a lot to tell. Catch more info in the next blog post. It will be much sooner that the last.