Monday, November 17, 2008

Turkey Hand Print Shirt

Molly and I made this shirt last week. I am not sure what inspired this, but it was very fun.

I used Avery t-shirt trasnfer paper and printed a large enough polka dotted square that Molly's hand could fit. After printing the dots I turned the paper over and traced her hand. Cut out her hand print and ironed it to this cute Wal-mart t-shirt. I used mixed buttons to make the rest (you can buy variety button packs at Wal-mart). I sewed the buttons on, but I think fabric glue would work fine.

Try this out with your kids. I included the polka dot picture to print on the transfer paper.

When the shirt gets too small for her I think I am going to cut the front to make a pillow.

Stay tune... I will try and post her brown and turquiose tulle skirt that I am making to go with the shirt.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Night at the Roxbury

Tonight a commercial on TV came on with this song and Troy started bobbin his head. It was so funny. The clip isn't near as funny as the first time he heard the commercial, but you get the idea.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

October Htown Trip

We were in Htown again for Halloween this year. I know I should have taken better pics of the kids, but I may have to do a post Halloween photo session with the kids. Molly was a cat, or a kitty princess. The girl has a mind of her own and knew this is what she wanted to be. Before you say it, I already know that she is her mother's child. Troy was a puppy because big sister said that he would be. By the time we took this picture Papa had taken Troy's costume off, he said he was hot. Molly only referred to Troy as Patch all night because she is in love with 101 Dalmations. I can't count the number of time we have watch this show or read the book.
It was a great night. We were leaving a fall festival when we took this picture and were heading to a hotdog supper a dear friend from church was having for all the kids from church. Then we went on a hayride in the same neighborhood where we stopped at 6-7 houses of people from church that lived around there. It was great.
I went that week to have a jewelry show. It was a good show. I have plenty to keep me busy the next couple of weeks. Praise God.

I can't believe this girl is as big as she is. I have taken pumpkin pictures at this church every year. She has definitely changed since our first visit.

Troy would not be still at all. I was very frustrated, but it turns out I am frustrated every year because I fail to remember that pumpkins release a chemical that makes kids crazy, right?