Friday, February 27, 2009

70 Random Things...

1. I started sewing when I was 9 years old.
2. I never told a boyfriend “I love you” until Joel.
3. My new motto is, “you do what you gotta do.”
4. My favorite color is red.
5. My favorite movie candy is Sour Patch Kids.
6. I have worn braces on my teeth three different times (junior high, senior year of HS, and then about 4-5 years ago).
7. I love to dance (I married a man who doesn’t).
8. I started Olive Juice Jewelry six years ago.
9. I hope to write a children’s book someday.
10. My hair is curly. It has gotten curlier with both of my kids.
11. My first car was a 1991 Maroon Grand AM.
12. I love summer!
13. I could eat my weight in potato chips.
14. Other than having my wisdom teeth removed, I have never had surgery.
15. I love to read magazines backwards. For some reason I skim though backwards, then read from the beginning.
16. I love to thrift shop.
17. Uneven fingernails drive me crazy.
18. In references to my body, I think that tan cookie dough looks better than white cookie dough.
19. I was blessed to have a mom that helped mold my faith in Christ at a young age.
20. I am a Church of Christ girl.
21. I cry every time I sing, “How Great Thou Art.”
22. I started a casserole swap a few years ago. So great.
23. I love decorating for fall better than Christmas.
24. I have skinny dipped before.
25. I get the worst stage freight.
26. I have a sister who is 3 ½ years older than me and a brother who is 2 years younger.
27. I used to be a faithful Dr. Pepper drinker, but now it is Diet Coke for me.
28. I love Sonic Happy Hour.
29. Some of my job history includes: church youth secretary, Margarita’s Mexican Food Restaurant, Sam’s wholesale, Joe’s Crab Shack, Thrifty Nickel Online, Red Chair Advertising Agency, MED Group.
30. I can’t stand it when Joel leaves town and I have to be home alone at night.
31. I can change a flat tire.
32. I think going to the theater is so much fun.
33. I can’t remember the last book I sat down to read and read it from cover to cover.
34. I can’t stand touching raw meat or processed cheese.
35. Being a mom is so awesome.
36. I have never been to Hawaii, but really would like to go someday.
37. I love to cook.
38. I have too many unfinished hobbies. This drives me crazy.
39. I have been snow skiing once.
40. I am left-handed, but can’t use scissors with my left hand.
41. I hope to take Joel to watch a UNC vs Duke game someday.
42. I wear my feelings on my sleeve too often.
43. I have a fruit allergy (along with a few others). Avocados make my lips swell. I eat them anyway. I love Claritin.
44. I choose savory over sweet most days.
45. I used to raise pigs for the fair (I also raised chickens and rabbits).
46. I prefer raw vegetables over cooked ones.
47. I talk to my mom on the phone a lot.
48. I love to watch movies.
49. I can’t wait till we get our vegetable garden started.
50. I am not so good at keeping in touch with old friends.
51. Taylor Swift is my artist of choice when I go running.
52. Joel and my song is “Just another day in Paradise.”
53. Joel and I say, “You’re my favorite” to each other as much as we say, “I love you.”
54. I took 4 years of Spanish and would not dare try to start a conversation with someone.
55. I hope to have 1 or 2 more kids.
56. I am a clothes horse.
57. I am a very modest person.
58. My sarcasm is something I am working to manage better.
59. I wonder what I will do when my kids go to school (in reference to work)
60. I think the best coffee comes from my house.
61. Some famous people I have met: Clay Walker, Colin Powell, Diamond Rio…
62. I love old country.
63. I like David Letterman better than Jay Leno.
64. We DVR: NCIS, CSI, Gary Unmarried, 2 ½ Men, Office, Earl, 24, Kath & Kim, Gray’s Anatomy…
65. My hair makes it up in a ponytail everyday!
66. I just purchased a BaByliss hair straightner. Love it. I have used the Chi, and this is so much better.
67. I love candles…not cinnamon ones though.
68. I love a good HOT shower.
69. I will kill a bug, but would rather Joel do it.
70. I love curling up on a couch with a blanket on a rainy day.

I did this because I was tagged by Lisa. It was supposed to be 100 things, but since I also did it to avoid other work....70 will have to do, so I can get back to work. I tag Michelle P. and Kathy T.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Troy is funny because...

1. Troy found my drawer that has the food coloring in it and decided to drink the blue. I know it could have been so much worse, it was just in and around his mouth. Sorry if this is gross, it was blue again the second time around if you know what I mean.
I now keep the food coloring somewhere else on the slight chance that next time (incase he didn't learn the lesson the first time) won't be so easy to clean up.

2. I have seen kids get excited about presents before, but feel the excitement in this picture, right?

3. This really shouldn't be funny, but it is. Our dryer's start button is broken, so if the dial is set for 30 minutes and you shut the door, it automatically starts drying. Well, Troy can open the dryer all by himself and climb in. I know, don't panic...I do not let him near it if it is running.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The prayer I needed to hear

Let me set the stage. Our entire family has been sick for almost a week now. It has been the nasty cough, achy body, high temperature, sinus headache sickness. The kids have had it, but Joel and I are the ones being hit the worst. Needless to say, I am exhausted.
Last night I was just done, ready for the day to end. I had washed almost everything that could be de-germed in the house.
Molly and I were done reading and about to say her prayer. I reminded her to pray for Daddy because he had been really sick all day (in bed running 102, I quarantined him to the bedroom).
Her prayer:

Dear God,
Thank you to get Daddy to feel better,
Thank you for my friends and family.
Thank you for the living room.

(This is where I know my God is great)

(Molly reached up and touched my face and said,)
Thank you for Mommy who reads a book to me.
Thank you for Mommy cleaning my bed.


I just love this girl!