Friday, February 29, 2008

My Household Musts

1. Apple Peeler/ Corer/ Slicer

We eat more apples in our house than ever. It is fast and easy to use. I can get Molly to eat more fruit this way! I bought mine at Linens n Things.

2. CLR

CLR is calcium, lime and rust remover. My dishes have the worst residue living in this small town. I just started using this stuff and it makes my dishes look great! I have I am actually not embarrassed to let guests use them.

3. Kitchen Aid Coffee Grinder

Joel has really turned me into a coffee drinker. We started grinding our coffee a few years ago and man it makes a difference. I start everyday with at least one cup of coffee!

4. Slow Cooker Liners

I make slow cooker meals to make my life easier, and who wants to clean the slow cooker after you have committed to an easy meal, not me!

5. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Wow is this amazing. I don't ever have to get mad a Mo for getting crayons or markers on the table. It all comes up!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Seven Random Things About Me

1. I love chips!
I know I could pick some other junk food to eat all the time, but every since I can remember this has been my weakness. When I went off to college my dad said it was the first time chip ever went stale in their house. No favorite kind, I like them all (corn, potato, plain, flavored).

2. I have OCD tendencies, but constantly fail my efforts.
I love having a clean house. I love being organized, but I quickly become lazy or distracted and have to start my cleaning and organizing schedule all over again. Just pick up after yourself and stay focused Ker!

3. Until recently hated cinnamon.
All my life I have despised the smell and taste of cinnamon. I don’t love it by any means now, but don’t hate it. I have read that cinnamon is good for metabolism and it is always good to test your taste buds because they change and mature and all that. Well since I have had Troy, cinnamon doesn’t make me cringe.

4. “Hear me roar!" Women
I am a huge fan of strong women, but they are killing chivalry. I love to have my door opened and chair pulled out by a man. I like being referred to as ma’am. I have heard it from more than one man that they don’t do that a lot because they don’t want to offend a woman. My husband is very chivalrous and my son will be too.

5. Don’t touch a baby’s hands!
With Troy being so little, he sticks his fingers in his mouth all the time. It is what all babies do. Nearly everyone that reaches to touch him, go for his hand. “Go for his sock-covered feet or tickle his belly, but keep your germs off his hands.”

6. I don’t know how to sit still when I hear a good song!
Joel can attest to this. I love to dance, bust a jig, stomp a foot, cut a rug…call it what you want…I love to dance! Who would have thought I would marry a man that didn’t. He does bust a move around the house on occasion, but not as often as I do!

7. I get nervous at cafeteria style restaurants
They go to fast, there are too many choices and I hate to hold up the line. The first time I met Joel’s parents we met at Furr’s. Panic attack for me! I can tell you I have gone to Furr’s for many years now and I rarely stray from my usual choices (baked fish, okra, mac and cheese, roll, chocolate silk pie and water).

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