Monday, October 19, 2009

I know...I haven't updated for a while. It has been inching its way up and down my list of to dos. Finally, it jumped to the top. For those that don't know, I am pregnant again. I am in week 15 and due first part of April. Things have been a little more difficult this go round. I am constantly tired and until a couple of weeks ago I was very sick. Doing better now, just have to somehow chase Molly and Troy, manage the house and run a jewelry business on a tank that is only a quarter full (on a good day).


Leslie said...

You can do it Kerri!! One sweet day at a time and take a nap :). So sorry you have still been sick and I'm not closer to come take your kiddos for the morning. Do your kids pretend to throw up with you? It will get better. Prayers for you.

Jody said...

Oh Kerri, we are right there with each other! 14 weeks here! What is it with Baby 3! Until 2 weeks ago, I was on the couch, bed or floor ALL DAY LONG! Never threw up but wanted to so badly. It was an all day thing....from wake to night. Then Energy! NONE! Even feeling better, I can't find the strenght to blow dry my hair! Enough complaining! I am really excited but this is our last. Taking it all in and wanting to remember every detail! I hope you feel better soon and maybe our Energy will come! :) Hope to catch you around the holidays! Kids pics are precious!!! Love Ya!